Last month, I explored the art of boot-istry and asked you to read your own boots to discover the truth about your riding. Well, Halfpass, has accepted my challenge. (Yah! my very first victim, er, client?) Visit her at Halfpass’ Blog to read more about her foray into Third Level and how she trains her newest horse while wintering in Florida.

Let the reading of Halfpass’ boots begin.
(Disclaimer: This is an inexact science and to the best of my knowledge I’ve made it up.)

Pink = Inner leg
Blue = Back of the leg

Dress boots: These are required at the upper levels and I already know that Halfpass in competing at Third Level.
Wrinkles: These are well broken in. There are a few wrinkles but not a lot so I think they’re the correct size for the length of her calves.

Halfpass' Boots

Halfpass' Boots

Inside leg: As you can see by the pink circles Halfpass is using her inside leg. That’s good! It allows her to communicate more subtly with her horses and provide a corridor between her legs for the horse to travel through. However, the marks are lighter than those on the back of her leg. Perhaps this is a newer way for her to ride or it depends on which horse she’s riding? Remember, she has three.

Back of the leg: Halfpass has definitely been using the back of her leg! (See the blue circles.) Not so good. Her feet are not parallel to the horse’s body and tend to stick out at possible 10 and 2 on the clock. This could indicate tight hips (I know all about that one!), a lot of spur use or kicking instead of squeezing with the lower leg. Do you have trouble with a horse falling in/out? Maybe not very forward? Very interesting to see how the rub marks roll from the inside leg toward the back. A definite progression toward better riding.

View from the back: The view from the back confirms that Halfpass has often used the back of her leg. You can see the rub marks running up the back seam and heel. The good thing is that she’s also using her inside leg.

The wear seems to be pretty consistent on both boots so I believe that she’s equally developed on the right and left sides of her body. I also feel that she’s equally confident in both her conscious and unconscious mind.

So, Halfpass, how did I do?