Dressage can be brutal on adult amateur riders like me. You see, I’m a multitasker. Wait. Correct that. I’m a multitasking (cough) perfectionist. So, this whole horse ballet thing should be a cinch. Right? Ha! Sometimes, it’s a multitasking nightmare. No. That’s not quite it. It just seems like every week there’s a new task, err aid, to add in or refine. To make matters worse, I understand sooo much more than I can do and… Well, it can be so frustrating! Like learning a new language and becoming more fluent in it every day.

Hey. Wait a minute. I guess that is what I’m doing. I’m learning to speak dressage!

Well, I must say that my perseverance has started to pay off and I’ve made some fantastic strides in the canter. Slowly, I’m trying to apply the same aids in canter that I use in trot. You know, the half-halts and riding inside leg to outside rein. It’s amazing when things fall into place and you’re riding a horse that’s stretching over his back and accepting the bit! (Squealing in delight!) At a canter.

I’ve even found myself performing a leg yield in canter from the quarter line to the wall! I was only able to do this because he was straight and in the outside rein. Amazing! Did I mention this was done in canter? Just power at my fingertips and not once did I feel out of control. I have no idea where this falls on the difficulty scale but it’s a small taste of what’s to come. This is so addicting!

Thunder, you make me feel like dancing! Excuse me while I break into song…