How an adult rider manages it all. Hmmm, my tag line may be more appropriate then I thought. I’ve been so busy. A little overwhelmed actually. I’m juggling full-time and freelance work. Running to doctor and vet appointments. Spending time with family. Neglecting Facebook and my blog. Now it’s officially THE HOLIDAYS! Eeeks!

In the midst of all this I’ve misplaced something. I know I had it with me at the beginning of my riding lesson. Then I picked up a left lead canter. On a 20 meter torture circle no less and puff! It was gone! I think it slipped right off the saddle. Literally.

Please be on the look out for my left seat bone!

How do I know it’s missing? Well, my left foot was very light in the stirrup. I could not for the life of me step down into it. All my weight had shifted to the right. Can you say collapsed inside hip? My left foot was turned out and resembled a duck’s. Applying the back of my leg instead of the inner calf for any aids. Which probably meant I was gripping! Will it never end?!

The search for my left seat bone was on.

While cantering on the left lead I did the following:
1. stretched up through the left side
2. stepping down into the left stirrup, I mean really stepping down
3. over exaggerate stepping down into that left stirrup (felt weird, looked good)
4. got into two-point when I lost it and then sat down

Pretty and elegant? Ha!
Accurate 20 meter circles? Double ha!
Effective? Yes

The search for my left seat bone continues…