Edited: Jan. 20, 2010
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I read everything in my quest to become a Dressage Diva including horse forums. It was on one of these that I discovered Outside Rein: Guide Your Ride. It’s a newly debuted digital magazine for equestrians of all disciplines. It’s the brain child of Phillip Dutton, Mark Baus and Lendon Gray.


Overall, I like the idea of an online magazine. I’ve spent most of my art career working in both magazine and text book publishing and saw this coming for a long time. I think that this particular magazine is still a work in progress. The photographs are beautiful but the layouts need work. They’ve forgotten about the use of a grid to layout their articles. Some articles run long and the text nearly over flows the page. Type size is rather larger and clunky, perhaps a zoom feature? I had trouble finding author information for the departments and there wasn’t any navigation except for the previous/next page buttons.

Like I said, it’s a brain child not an adult. Given time and some maturity I could see this developing into something great.

Submissions are being accepted for articles, photography and videos. They also have a blog that I haven’t had a chance to really look at. I have to say that it’s tempting…they’re looking for new voices and perspectives.

What do you say?