I don’t like water. Probably because I nearly drowned. Twice. So, imagine my surprise when I took to it like a fish to…well, water. I found myself relaxed as the waves gently lifted me up from behind. Up, up, up until I reached the crest. Then I followed it back down, down, down. No fear. Just relaxation as I allowed the waves to move me.

The dreamscape melts away and a new reality takes shape around me.

I’m cantering on a dreaded 20-meter circle. Moving as one with the horse. Each powerful surge from behind gently lifts me up, up, up and I ride it back down, down, down. Total relaxation as I ride the canter waves. I relax even more and the horse does too. Her back comes up as she rounds more and more. There’s nothing like feeling this harmony between us. Riding the waves in lightness and rhythm like a real dressage rider. At least for the moment.

I’m no longer afraid of the water. OK, maybe a little but what a wonderful way to end my series of practice rides!

Come on in! The water’s fine.