Our pre-lesson banter centered around Core Rhythms. You know the infomercial on TV? A total core workout in the guise of Latin dance moves. What fun! All of us wanted it and the cry for a dance/pilates/yoga studio was raised. We even had a spot above the horse stalls picked out. I’m sure they’d enjoy that! Right, uh-huh.

I should’ve known what was coming.

Words that make all Dressage Diva Wannabes cringe. No, not 20 meter circles. At least not this time. It was sitting trot! On a Danish Warmblood dressage school master no less!





Okay. Sitting. Hmmm, not bad. Side-to-side, up and down.

BOING! Shoot! Quick! Stand up in stirrups. Now sit.

Side-to-side, up and down.

Don’t grip with your thigh!  Huh? How’d she see that?

Lean back a little more!  Hey! Saw that too.

No knees!  How’d she know?

Think about doing the Rumba!  Rumba? Uh, okay.

Ba-ba-ba-boom, ba-ba-ba-boom!

Whoa! My hips! I’m moving and sitting the trot!

Ba-ba-ba-boom, ba-ba-ba-boom!

I’m definitely not fluid but there’s hope. I did a good job and I have great balance. All I have to do is channel my inner dancer while chanting “ba-ba-ba-boom!” Oh, and remember to trust my balance. Hmmm, engage my core and sit up. Oh, and ground my feet. Darn feet. See? Piece of cake. That is until I tense or twitch a muscle and boing right off that saddle. Let’s not think about that though. Positive energy only! 🙂