Wait a minute! Stop the presses!

Deep breath

I’ve been leg yielding for quite some time but it still boggles my mind that in posting trot it’s done on the wrong diagonal! Gasp! Let me reiterate…wrong diagonal, that’s right, errr make that correct.


I’m sorry but do you have any idea how long it took me to learn to trot on the correct diagonal? (Especially on the left.) So, imagine my horror when I discovered that I have to leg yield on the wrong diagonal!

I can’t seem to do it. Total mental block.

And this is considered a basic dressage movement! (Well maybe not so basic. It’s a First Level movement which is about all I can handle right now.) Why do I have to think so hard about it? How many times will I need to do it before it becomes second nature?

Wait, don’t answer that. I don’t think I really want to know. I don’t own a horse so it could take me years!

legyieldTo leg yield or not leg yield that is the question

Yesterday I rode our dressage school master and my lesson focused on leg yielding from the quarterline to the rail. Not only am I working to supple my horse but I’m working on the coordination of my aids. Something that I seem to lack. Sigh.

If I’m not totally there with my aids the horse will only travel forward or diagonally. He won’t be straight and there won’t be any crossing over of the horse’s legs.

I usually started off rough but ended successfully.

I was exhausted!

Jane Savoie has an excellent video. I haven’t found any other articles that relate to doing this at a posting trot.