Hey! Did anyone go to the NEDA Fall Festival?

You were there?!

How come you didn’t introduce yourself? I was there.

Huh? Where was I?

I was in the Awards tent, running tests for Ring 5 and the VIP tent.

You must’ve seen me. I was wearing a blue shirt and khakis.

What? Oh, I’m blonde…ish.

Are you sure you didn’t see me?

Hmmm…I was walking around the VIP tent with a dog.

No? You saw a lot of dogs, huh?

Oh. You saw a lot of volunteers.

Well, did you see the dog that ran through Ring 1 during Cindi Rose Wylie’s Grand Prix?

Yeah, that dog.

Some of the spectators brought the dog into the VIP tent and I became the dog sitter. I walked around looking for an owner but I think they were embarrassed. Maybe trying to dodge the fine.

Nice dog. People were upset though.

Why? Oh, well she was wearing a pinch collar. You know how people get. I figure it’s there for a reason. I use one on my Lab.

Her name? Maggie. We re-united them in the show office.

The rider? What about her?

Oh, no nothing happened. No ear twitching, shying…nothing. I hear things like this happen to her all the time.

Do you remember me now?