Lars Petersen

I served French Toast to Lars Petersen and Melissa Taylor! Sadly, I didn’t even know it was Lars until Melissa called him by name. Sigh. People just don’t look the same unmounted. Shrug.

Okay, I admit it! I didn’t even know who Melissa was until just now. She was very pleasant and said that Lars would talk to me if I’d like. Even pose for a photo. I didn’t want to impose, VIP tent and all. Chicken, bock, bock!

I also stood just feet away from Cesar Parra! He and Olympia won the Prix St. Georges, Intermediaire I and Freestyle giving them a hat trick! As a volunteer at the NEDA Fall Festival I saw so many lovely rides!

I spent an entire day running dressage tests in the pouring rain. At one point I noticed that my rubber rain boots had sprung a leak. I was squishing as I walked, errrr ran tests to the show office. I was cold, wet and miserable. Then I found myself teetering on the edge…of a large puddle of course. I looked over at my fellow runner who was also contemplating the puddle.

“I know you want to.”

Silly grin.

“Come on. On the count of three. 1 – 2 – 3.”


Splash, splash, splash

Splash to the right

Splash center

Splash to the left

I leapt into the puddle. The teen didn’t. He just grinned at the water logged woman who had apparently lost her mind.

I continued to splash.