basinharborclubVacation, <sigh> I really needed a vacation and there’s nothing better then staying at a resort that provides a lot of activities and allows dogs! The Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vermont has it all!

Their activities are plentiful and include a golf course, pool, Lake Champlain, kayaking, tubing, bicycles, hiking, tennis, and kid camps. Unfortunately, this meant that we had a lot of stuff to pack.

My riding helmet, tall boots, gloves and socks were quickly added to my pile in hopes that an area dressage instructor would be able to fit me into her schedule. Then the clothing. Warm and cold weather stuff. (This is the Green Mountains after all.) Hmmm, a rain coat, swim suit (Ha! Like I’ll be wearing that!), shoes and toiletries. Oh, can’t forget my computer. I need to reply to post comments in a timely manner. Ah, bug spray, sunscreen and a camera. Done!

Now for the girls, their food, dishes, toys, leashes, clean up bags, grooming brush and we’re off!

I had to talk my husband out of packing the kayak, 3 bikes and his golf bag. Please! Where would all the stuff go? We’re going on vacation not moving! Luckily all these things are available for rent at the resort. We compromised and brought my son’s BMX bike and 3 golf clubs for my husband.

We were about half way to the resort when it hit me. I forgot something.

Let’s see…
coffee maker turned off? check
dogs? check
bicycle? check
bicycle helmets? check
riding stuff? … hmmm
helmet? check
gloves? check
tall boots? check
socks? check
riding breeches? … RIDING BREECHES!

I can’t believe I forgot to pack my riding breeches! How will anyone take me seriously if I show up for a lesson decked out in all my dressage finery wearing jeans? Visions of chaffing dance in my head. Not that I haven’t ridden in jeans but…

As luck would have it I didn’t hook up with the instructor. She doesn’t have any lesson horses. Ah, well maybe I’ll get a riding fix next time.