What does your extended family think of your passion for dressage? Is it accepted or viewed as an act of lunacy? Does your family support your interest? I need to know if I’m the only odd ball out.

You see it all began with the Dressage Radio Show interview. I was thrilled that they would select me as their first blogger. Personally, I don’t think I have that much to share. I don’t currently compete or own a horse so my appeal to the general public is rather limited. However, I shared the news with family and friends. Some of them have read my blog and listened to the interview. Although they may not understand it I’ve received some nice comments.

My sister-in-law sent me an email about both. In summary she says I’m too hard on myself and that I should just enjoy my ride. Uh, okay. You filled in a lot of air time for them. Huh?

My reply: …As far as enjoying each ride, I do. I also get very frustrated trying to coordinate all my aids and that’s what I’m conveying. A lot of my posts have a bad start with a successful ending. If I truly wanted to ride for pleasure only I’d go out on a trail ride. In each lesson I’m being coach almost every step of the way. Just like if you played basketball or football. It’s work. Then the game portion would be when I enter the competition arena.

Filled in a lot of air time? I’m not sure how to take that. The interview was supposed to be for 20 minutes. Each week they interview one person for that length of time.

I never got a reply.

I never meant to come across as whining.