I splurged on a new pair of Ariat Heritage II riding boots. With a back zipper no less! The boots were a Christmas / birthday present for myself. I love them but I still haven’t worn them for riding. It’s been what? six months now?


My first excuse was “It’s winter. That’s winter riding boot weather.”

Then “It’s spring. I’m not going to ruin them tromping around in the mud and puddles.”

Then “They’re too pretty.”

In reality I just didn’t want to break them in. I love my old, cheap Stateline Tack boots. They’re so broken in that I no longer need to use boot pulls. Any minute though a hole is going to appear. They’re no longer safe for that very reason. In the meantime I continue to wear my old boots.


I’ve wore the new boots around the house in a pathetic attempt at breaking them in. I purchased a regular calf width. I can zip them up, barely. They’re quite tight even with the top gusset. I’d like to think it’s because my calves are muscular. <cough>

When I wasn’t trying to wear them I stuffed them with a heavy beach towel. It helped a little. Then I decided to wear them for a practice ride. I stuffed my legs in and snapped them closed. I have a five minute walk from my department to my car. Then about an hour of driving during S-L-O-W hour.

I barely made it to my car.

My legs were numb. I couldn’t feel my feet. “I’m sorry about the accident Officer but I couldn’t feel the brake.” That wouldn’t be good.

I literally ripped them off when I reached the car. On went my old friends.

So the struggle continues…I put them on at the house and sit, stand, walk, pray. I don’t snap them.

I tried to wear them again to ride. The left leg was almost normal and the right was a little tight by the time I left the building. Once again on went my old friends.

Back at the house I put them on again. This time I zipped them with a Nylabone in each. (I have dogs. What can I say.) Granted I couldn’t zip them up all the way but I thought it would help to     s t r e t c h   them a bit.

Why, oh why, do pretty new boots have to turn into instruments of torture?

I’m running out of time here.