bookI’m an avid reader and from time to time I’d like to share with you what I’m currently reading. At the moment I’m re-reading Ride with Your Mind Essentials by Mary Wanless.

Wanless focuses on riders that aren’t naturally talented (hah! ME). Through her book she tries to answer your questions and show you how to ride by filling in the gaps that others aren’t able to verbalize.

I’ll give you a major clue to what the secret to good riding is: your core muscles! Oh, and breathing. Breathing’s always good. So break out that exercise ball and get moving! Suggested exercises can be found in Chapter 6.

Chapter 9 Turns and Circles Demystified really speaks to me. It covers everything I either currently do or have done; twisting, pulling on the inside rein, crossing over the withers…

There’s an interview with Mary Wanless where she shares her insightful teaching philosophies at Dressage Radio Show, Episode 6.