That got your attention, huh? Lendon Gray doesn’t need help, but as a struggling dressage rider, I do.

I submitted my plea as an entry essay for the Week with Lendon Gray Contest. Basically, I summed up some of my blog entries that focus on my arch nemesis, the 20 meter circle. Then I asked…okay make that begged, for her help. I think it went like this: “Please help me Lendon Gray!” Too much? What do you think my chances are of winning the contest?

20 meter circle victory dance here I come!

In the fairness of competition I’ll remind you that the contest ends August 1. Visit the link above to enter pleas of your own.

circoOh no! Does this mean I need my own horse?

A speedy perusal of the online sale pages reveals that Circo is a nice dressage prospect. He’s well within my budget, an easy keeper, a barn favorite and good ground manners.