It’s a nice cool day that started out with some drizzle. My instructor asked me to ride a different school horse today. She likes to make sure that they get worked and I’m open to riding different horses. She selected Calvin, a nice TB, that I haven’t ridden in about six months.

We only did trot work today. After we got past my noisy hands (he has a lot of movement) and I had them quietly resting on the imaginary shelf, Calvin would round up nicely. Even on the 20 meter circle! Believe me this is quite a feat because he doesn’t bend very easily. Why don’t school horses bend?

My instructor was quite pleased and told me that I should be proud of myself. In a few places I actually could feel that he was totally on the aids and light as a feather.

I’m sooo excited! I asked to ride him again next week. My instructor agreed because it’s good for him. I hope I can get someone to take pictures.