Summary A Prince traveled the world seeking a Princess to marry but he was unsuccessful. Then one stormy night, a girl arrived at the castle claiming to be a Princess. The Queen prepared a special bed of twenty mattresses. Under all of the mattresses the Queen placed a hard pea to test whether the girl was really a Princess.

The next morning the girl woke up all black and blue. She told the Queen and the Prince that she had hardly slept at all. This proved she was a real Princess. They married and lived happily ever after.

How does this relate to horses? It’s the best analogy I can find to explain why we need to groom the saddle area of our horses. I love books and The Princess and the Pea is a classic. I read it as a bedtime story to my son and I assume other parents have read it to their children too.


Every time I mention the tale to a small child I get a blank look. They haven’t heard of it.

What’s wrong with you!  Read to your children!

Non-fairy tale explanation Brush your horse’s back and girth area being careful to remove any dirt or grit that may cause chaffing. Brush so all the hair lies flat. Check the saddle area for any sores or wounds that may cause discomfort. Don’t place a saddle over a wound.

I’m sorry that just wasn’t as much fun or engaging for me.