The Potomac Valley Dressage Association (Maryland) is taking the Ride for Life into cyberspace with the Million Hits Campaign. That means $1 Million for Breast Cancer Research and sharing our wonderful sport with the world! Quite a daunting task for a small, all volunteer, grassroots organization. That’s why they’ve taken it viral!

How you can help
1. You can help by donating $1! That’s right $1 (however, more will be gratefully accepted). Come on you can do it, what’s a dollar? It’s less than that cup of coffee you just bought.
2. Visit their YouTube page so they can reach a Million Hits!
3. Spread the word and get others to donate and visit their YouTube page

The Potomac Valley Dressage Association (PVDA) Ride for Life™ is both a licensed dressage show and a benefit fundraiser for the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center. In addition to the show and benefit, the R4L hosts a Saturday evening Gala Dinner and Dancing Horse Challenge. Join them June 27 & 28, 2009 for a weekend of great horsemanship for a great cause!