There’s a great post over on the EquineSite forums titled “Bad horse mummy moments”. It’s sooo funny that I was crying. So for all those who like a good laugh I’ll share one here.

By minouri
Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 – 03:04 am:

…perhaps I should share with you my very first roundpenning experience.

Now, I’d had my first horse for 2 years. I felt pretty confident about what I was doing with him. We’d moved from an English/Dressage barn to a mostly Western barn. The BOs were fantastic. Very laid back and knowledgeable.

Well, one day I was lunging my Paso in the large riding ring. Just giving him some extra excercise, working on some verbal cues. I’d taken lessons. I was feeling pretty good about what I knew.

The BO came out and said, “Why don’t you use the roundpen?”

I should have said, “What is a roundpen?” to give her a hint of my level of skill with one, but instead I went to check it out.

Ok, I thought. This is just like lunging, but without the rope. I can do this.

So, I start moving my easy going Paso around the roundpen. I’d say that he made it around twice before he decided to try something new.

He charged me.

Now, I know all the things I should have done. But none of that came to my mind during the first aggressive action from my horse.

Nope, I dropped the lungewhip and ran.

Remember, I’m in a roundpen. So I’m running away from him in a circle.

Eventually, due to some burst of adrenaline I’m sure, I almost catch up to him….so he turns and starts chasing me in the other direction.

A smarter person would have used the whip to drive him off or climbed over the fence.

Instead, my wild panic was only ceased by the BO warning, “You shouldn’t let him do that!”

My Paso and I stopped dead at the tone of her voice, like two children caught doing something wrong and being corrected by mom. We were huffing and leaning on each other trying to look innocent.

I tried to keep some level of coolness and asked, “That’s not how you do it?”

I know what the BO was probably thinking, but she very kindly answered, “Normally, we’d rather see the PERSON making the HORSE move.”

I patted my once again sweet looking Paso and tried to sound nonchalant, “Yeah, that part felt wrong.”

I give that BO a lot of credit. She took the opportunity to show me how it was done — and didn’t laugh at me until months later when I knew what I was doing and could see the humor in it.

I learned a lot from boarding there….and I’m sure I provided that BO with some good laughes.

It’s all part of the journey.