I have issues. Believe me, I have issues. Riding issues. After my lessons I replay everything in my head. Again and again. Analyzing each move I made or didn’t make. What I lack is on the horse experimenting or playing time. So, I approached my husband and told him that I need more riding time. I sweetened the pot by saying that I’d pay for my extra riding time with my freelance money. Extra income not household income. He agreed and I’ll be riding an extra day each week for three months.

A dark cloud. Tonight was my first practice ride. At the stroke of five I dashed to the ladies room to change clothes and hustled to my Jeep. A dark cloud was following me though. Literally. It was spitting all day. Not a problem though. I can ride in the indoor if it’s bad. I cut across town and jump on the highway. Merging into rush hour traffic. Did I say rush hour? I mean S-L-O-W hour. I spent about ten minutes or so creeping along in the fast lane. Watching the wipers sweep my windshield when time froze. No more wipers. Frozen in mid-swipe. Still raining. I exited the highway, called the barn and then a friend. She was meeting me there. She has issues too. Good friend that she is she offered to come and get me so that we could still ride. About a half hour later I was on my way again.

Nice and quiet. The barn was nice and quiet. Only one instructor and student were in the ring. A boarder was putting her things away. Nice. We tacked up and entered the ring. I worked on broken lines, quarterlines, serpentines, transitions, a few 20 meter circles but she wasn’t quite bending correctly.  I switched to a 10 meter circle then decided to do a 10 meter figure eight. She was so much better at this point. That is until I reached the other half of the figure eight and the wash stall snagged her attention. She practically stopped and stood there but I pushed her on and circled back to reassure her that everything was okay.

We got off to a rough start but everything’s okay.