Do you think a school horse can remember a student it sees once a week?carrot

My sub-instructor recommended that I do carrot stretches with the school horse I’ve been riding. “It’s very important for the rider and horse to warm up and stretch.” I happen to have some horse cookies that a friend gave me for Christmas. (The perfect gift actually. Something I’d never buy. Like scratch tickets. Don’t laugh…it’s true. I never buy them.) So, why not try it? Bribery can’t hurt and maybe I’ll conquer those circles yet.

So for the past month I’ve done the carrot stretch…er, Buttons has. She’s a wonderful, sweet and willing Quarter horse. Actually, she’s everything I’ve never wanted in a horse. Mare, gray,…did I say mare? I’ve discovered that she’s very smart though. Last Saturday I greeted her at the stall door then rummaged through my Ariat grooming bag for a cookie that I placed in my pocket. I then grabbed a curry and brush and entered her stall. To my amazement she glanced at me then stretched to the left!

I guess that answers my question. Buttons does remember me, the carrot stretches and the cookies! Life is good.