Are you frustrated by the clothing sizes offered in most tack shops? You might be happy to learn that Fuller Fillies is a line of clothing for women sized 16 though 24. An attractive and flattering selection of schooling tights, tees, jackets, English show wear, tall boots and half chaps. They’re based in the UK but the line is now available at SmartPak.

My plus sized friend brought this clothing line to my attention. She’s doing the happy dance! However, we had to laugh about the name and the funny photography. Especially the breeches! Why is the model kicking up her heel? Skipping? I would’ve suggested a focus group to test the name (oh, wait…English humor?) and invest in some better photography.



showproUpdate 5/29/09 I just visited the SmartPak site and discovered that they’ve invested in some new photography for the Fuller Fillies line (right). I’m sad to say that they’re still using the skipping photo (above) and the “pin the tail on the donkey” shot (below). My friend’s words not mine. Unfortunately, I can see why she said it.

pinYou’re on the right track SmartPak. Just please get rid of the original photos from Fuller Fillies. They’re not flattering. You’re selling a look that your customers want to aspire to and these photos aren’t it.


Update 7/29/09 I visited again and I’m so pleased with the photos. They’re right in line with a fashion magazine. I’d still like to see the skipping photo (top right) removed. It’s pictured in black on their site. The pose doesn’t make any sense to me.