I’m a magnet, really I am. Every rider in the indoor was in my little corner of the world. Have I mention that this indoor is a regulation dressage arena? Plenty of space for everyone, but no, they all need to be at C where I am. Including all the parents, boarders and others with nothing better to do.

It was the end of my private lesson and I was trotting on a 20 meter circle at C (remember my nemesis?). My instructor, who’s been away training, had asked me to canter. At the same time her next lesson has entered the ring at C. The other instructor’s students are cooling out at C and her next lesson students are also entering and mounting at C! What am I, a magnet?!! Why at C?

So, instead of cantering I continue walking/trotting/stopping to wait for traffic. Growing more and more nervous about the canter. Watching clueless teens putzing around on their mounts, crossing my path. Can we say performance anxiety?! I’m stressed, the horse is stressed. I finally did get in a half circle of canter and my instructor finally asked the kids to clear the way for me. At this point I announced that I was too nervous to continue.

Can we canter earlier in the lesson? Please.