peacockstirrupsPeacock Safety Stirrups Has anyone had a mishap using Peacock Stirrups?

I had been walking without stirrups in cool down and in mid-dismount I found myself suspended halfway to the ground. The loop of my double-knotted field boot was caught on the hook of the Peacock Stirrup. (This is a school horse and their tack.) I found myself clinging to the side of the horse like a monkey with my knee jammed into my arm pit. I was totally helpless until the loop in the lace gave. Unfortunately, as I slid down the side of the horse (in sloooow motion) I was jabbed in the crotch. Moments later, I was standing safely on the ground, breathing a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, the horse stood quietly the whole time. I patted him and told him how proud I was of his response. Then I loosened the girth and ran up the left stirrup. I registered the pain in my groin area as I stepped around to the right side. Looking down I notice that I had ripped out the crotch of my favorite full seat breeches and I was flashing everyone!

I quickly took off my vest and tried to wrap it around me like a diaper. That’s when my instructor realized that something was going on and started to laugh at me. Our laughter caught the attention of others and of course that’s when the only male boarder happened to be there! I think they caught it all on security camera.

I took it as a reason to go shopping! I went upstairs to the tack store and purchased new full seats and a few weeks later new Ariat boots.