Confetti covers every inch of my computer room and doggie containment unit. Laying amidst the carnage are my two angelic fur balls. Looking so innocent and as if they just woke up.

Spread throughout the room are recent issues of Dressage Today, Practical Horseman, Better Homes and Garden and Handyman. A few have big bites taken out of them. Others are resting on the dog’s beds undisturbed. If I didn’t know any better I’d think they were catching up on their reading.

As I pick up each tiny bit of paper I notice a pattern…only the horse magazines have been ravished. Is it possible that the girls are jealous of my barn time? Could they be carrying a grudge? Or it is cabin fever and an outcry for Spring?

Perhaps the article about The Pragmatic Perfect Position was just too much for them to digest. Or How to Match Mares and Stallions was too depressing with Valentine’s Day around the corner.